Use Bridge IT’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and save costs on local calls, including to mobile numbers, and international calls made over the Internet. FREE calls to other Bridge IT VoIP numbers and features such as caller ID, call forwarding and more.

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In general phone service via VOIP costs less than equivalent service from traditional sources. This is largely a function of traditional phone services either being monopolies or government entities. There are also some cost savings due to using a single network to carry voice and data. This is especially true when users have existing under-utilized network capacity that they can use for VOIP without any additional costs..

Why have workers come into the office to answer calls? They can do the same work from home with VoIP. Bridge IT VoIP-Home makes work from home possible for thousands of employees in South Africa...

Your Home-VoIP benefits.

  • Save up to 50% on your monthly call charges with a VoIP Line .
  • Never miss calls because we set up calls to forward to your mobile phone.
  • The VoIP Line solution is compatible with most SIP phones and softphones.
  • Choose between a geographic or non-geographic telephone number or keep your main telephone numbers when you port to Bridge IT Voice mail notifications sent directly to your email inbox,receive free and fast remote support.
  • Billing and call rate packages are simple to understand.
  • No contract, no sign-up, you can deregister whenever you want
  • Enable call waiting and receive two simultaneous calls (on compatible phones).

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Our Home VoIP phone system helps people work from home and benefit from free remote support.

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