Bridge IT Support VoIP-Solution, an alternative to your traditional voice line. affordable & reliable VoIP phone calls are just a click away. Port your existing number today and save..

Cut Your Call Usage Bill By half, Keep the same phone number, No Deposit & Low Monthly Payments. Get A Free Proposal With Custom Pricing Sent Straight to You. Ge Landline Minutes. Music-On-Hold. Smart Call Routing. Get Mobile Minutes..

With Bridge IT Support VoIP Services, you can replace your outdated analogue phone with a future-proof pre-configured VoIP phone. We will supply you with a free unique 087 number, or you can make use of your existing landline number (such as your Telkom voice line) ‐ the choice is yours!.

Enjoy free calls to other branches of your business that are on Bridge IT Voice System and pay just R0.45 per minute for all local, national and cellular calls. With Telkom, you will pay up to R0.63 per minute for local and national while being charged up to R1.30 per minute to mobile numbers...
Leaving the country for a while and need your VoIP service? No problem! All you need is a stable internet connection...
Upon signing up, you will be allocated a Bridge IT Voice number (087) which you can use straight away. You can choose to transfer your existing voice line number over to your Bridge IT service and cancel your previous account.

So now is the time to contact Bridge IT Support for a no obligation quote and see how much you can save. Get in touch

The choice is yours

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