Benefit From Free Of Charge Remote and Online Support. No Upfront Charges. Optional Call Recording. Low Rental. No Installation Fees. Services: Number Porting, VoIP Line..

Buying and maintaining a traditional switchboard or PBX service is an expensive exercise. Furthermore, costs can increase significantly when you include the wiring, equipment, proprietary phones and installation fees. Signing a lengthy maintenance agreement might reduce some of the large up-front costs, but, you are consequently left with a technically inferior switchboard when the contract eventually comes to an end..

The Hosted switchboard is different, here is why !

Bridge IT uses VoIP technology to provide a fully managed and customisable PBX solution. There are no up-front costs or installation fees because there is no need to purchase a physical device. The only cost involved for the Hosted Switchboard service is a low monthly service fee..

works with most SIP handsets and softphones

We also provides a wide range of desktop and cordless VoIP phones. Remote and online support is free of charge. You can also easily port your business number or numbers. You can select between a single telephone number or a range of telephone numbers to facilitate direct dialling towards multiple extensions.

You only need a reliable internet connection

A VoIP engineer will work with you to deliver exactly what you need to achieve your business goals...

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