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Information technology (IT) infrastructure are the components required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments. IT infrastructure can be deployed within a cloud computing system, or within an organization's own facilities.. These components include hardware, software, networking components, an operating system (OS), and data storage, all of which are used to deliver IT services and solutions.

Moving your business is at the best of times a stressful and costly affair and there are many considerations that must be taken into account prior to undertaking an IT infrastructure move. The availability of Internet connectivity in the new location and the lead time for the ISP to provision the connectivity is an aspect which is often overlooked and one which will have a significant impact on the business’s ability to trade...

Focus on your business, clients and staff, and offload the extra stress of moving your IT infrastructure to Bridge IT. we will liaise with required third parties on your behalf, monitor processes, provide technical resources to document, dismantle and move the IT equipment and then bring everything online in the new premises. All with as little business impact as possible.

the components of IT infrastructure



Hardware includes servers, datacenters, personal computers, routers, switches, and other equipment.



Software refers to the applications used by the business, such as web servers, content management systems, and the OS—like Linux®. .



Interconnected network components enable network operations, management, and communication between internal and external systems.


IT automation

Creates repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Also known as infrastructure automation..

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