Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization that specializes in handling these responsibilities..
A strong IT infrastructure for your network will often make the difference between happy users and frustrated users.

Bridge IT Support provides organizations with an unlimited, all inclusive managed I.T. outsourcing solution that handles everything from the day-to-day I.T. operations to assisting in planning and budgeting of your future I.T. needs. With our managed tools and with Bridge IT Systems as your IT Managed Services Provider, we focus on every aspect of your technology needs so that you can focus on your business. We provide unlimited service and solutions at a flat monthly rate including help desk services, remote management, preventative maintenance, remote and onsite technical remediation, advanced email security and continuity, a sophisticated disaster recovery solution, and more. Everything you need to keep your network and employees running smoothly.

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We know how Managed IT services can run your business applications...

…...Whether you are a large corporate with multiple branches or a small business, rely on strong computer networks. Make sure you’re always connected with the best IT Networking solutions.. Managed IT Services is a major streamlining element of your business activities. Effective MITS eradicates all of the jarring qualities between end users and IT professionals, manages the overall relationship between the two, and remedies conflicts. There are plenty of benefits to utilizing MITS, outlined briefly here..

Benefits of MITS

Managing the lifecycle of IT services.


User Productivity

Every minute counts in terms of lost output. Regular maintenance ensures your server performance is maintained at it’s optimal level, reducing the risk of failure and loss of organisational productivity.


Reduce Downtime Risk

Server downtime multiplies disruptions and frustration. Getting back on track takes time. Downtime will have an immediate impact on service levels generating unplanned costs and delays.


Infrastructure expense

Switching to a MITS reduces infrastructure costs in a number of different ways. When a MITS provider takes control of your infrastructure, you are able to downsize the amount of infrastructure you have on-site by using their data centers.


Predictable Cost

When you have a managed IT service, you'll be paying the same amount regardless of how much support you need each month. This means you’ll know exactly what to budget and exactly what service you'll receive.

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Network Devices and Peripherals.

“Printers, scanners, routers, wireless access points, and many more similar devices are connected to your network and workstations. They form a vital interconnected part of your business IT, so make sure you give them the attention they need to function optimally. Furthermore, looking after your devices helps keep your network safe from threats.”

Hardware support

“Firewalls form a critical intrusion detection and prevention component of a secure network. They also play a heavy role in managing network traffic. Yet they are only effective if they themselves are kept updated with the latest upgrades, monitored to ensure performance, and tweaked to suit your business environment..”

Firewall management

“Servers perform centralised functions for your business, whether IT-related or central to your daily operations. When a server develops an issue, it has the potential to adversely affect multiple individuals’ work. Keeping your servers monitored and their hardware healthy prevents unwanted downtime and maintains your operations at optimal levels.”

Server management
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