IT security is the most essential part of protecting your company’s valuable systems and data..

We shield your IT systems from harmful virus infections, malware and ransomware with our simple to-manage cloud security scanner and firewalls..

Our solution includes a cloud security email scanner and network firewall and router, intrusion prevention from hackers, gateway antivirus, secure VPN.

Our advanced IT network security solutions are the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses..

External threats are causing more headaches more than ever and it is not just the threats that we need to worry about when it comes to protecting our IT systems. With complex IT knowledge and awareness, data securities importance has become vital to every business that knows just how destructive a security breach could be. The Managed Security service main focus is on minimalizing the likelihood of a security breach, avoiding data loss and reducing the impact on your business should a problem arise. We ensures that your business systems are being monitored and protected every day. Split into 3 tiers - Systems Monitoring, Administration and Systems Risk Consulting - the service ensures you complete peace of mind around data security and enables you to continue working your way towards your main business goals with little to no setbacks.

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Our Priorities

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

CyberTech VMaaS service focuses around the continuous identification and remediation tracking of security vulnerabilities and critical infrastructure configuration weaknesses..

Secure data hosting services

We provide world-class security expertise, threat intelligence and automation. This results in a higher level of efficiency, which in turn assists our clients in responding to incidents more quickly and more successfully. We provide a one-stop solution for automated discovery, expiry alerting, and the renewal, provisioning and revoking of digital certificates across networks including servers, clients and ADC devices..

Network monitoring services

Our intelligent 24/7 monitoring services predict and prevent system downtimes, significantly improving system performance and the associated business cost..

Benefits of IT Security

What's the Benefits to your Business?


Protection for your business 

IT security solutions provide digital protection to your business that will ensure your employees aren’t at risk from potential threats such as Adware and Ransomware.


Increased productivity

viruses can slow down computers to a crawl, and making work practically impossible. Effective IT security eliminates this possibility, maximising your business’ potential output.


Inspires customer confidence

If you can prove that your business is effectively protected against all kinds of cyber breaches, you can inspire trust in your customers that their personal data will not be compromised.


Protection for your customers

ensuring that your business is secure from cyber threats will also help to protect your customers, who could be susceptible to a cyber breach by proxy.

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Targeted Threat Protection

“Keeping your data safe is important for any business or home user. We offer a variety of services to help secure your emails, network, devices and the way that you browse the Internet.”

data security management

“Firewalls are no exception to the growing trend of outsourced solutions in order to satisfy technology-based requirements. The safekeeping of data and connectivity services has become vital in the protection of personal and business entities from the harms associated with the loss of information and communication control..”

Reduce risks | monitor | easy integration

“Thanks to ESET’s multi-layered protection! Everyday users need one simple solution that does it all – malware prevention, privacy protection, safe browsing a seamless user experience. With ESET Internet Security, you can truly install the solution and forget about it... ”

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