Is your cloud-pbx equipment soon to reach End of Life? We can continue to support it for you

Many of cloud-pbx products are mission critical and vital to the operation of many organisations. It is Bridge IT's objective to enable those companies to retain this equipment for as long as they need and as cost effective as possible. Bridge IT will help ensure that your cloud-pbx devices continue to work at optimal performance by delivering the quality of service you expect ...

Our Cloud PBX provides a secure and reliable office phone system through an internet connection. It provides businesses with flexibility and scalability while also maintaining low costs.



Massive cost savings

Cloud Hosted PBX solution means that you do not need to invest money into sophisticated hardware because your entire phone system is hosted and managed in the cloud.


Time Savings

On your typical PBX, office expansion entails ordering the hardware, booking an appointment for a technician to analyse your call flow requirements, before going onsite for installation. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. .



Cloud Hosted PBX empowers you to connect from anywhere in the world using your VoIP phone, a smartphone with software for VoIP, or desktop PC from any manufacturer. .



Businesses grow and contract all the time. During periods of growth or contraction, you need a system that can scale up or down in proportion to your business requirements.

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