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Obvious as it may be, the very first step in preparing for any disaster is ensuring you have reliable cloud backups. Sleep sound knowing your data is secure, no matter what. Your data is the most important thing to us. It's our duty to ensure that it is secure at all times and our dedication to building long-term customer relationships is why our customers choose us. Our Partner Program also allows us to cater for customers with all types of preferences..

To truly protect your backup data, you also must move it offsite. Too many organisations store their backup media onsite, needlessly exposing their data to risk from fire or flood. The time and money that you must spend to recreate lost data can be costly, not only in terms of lost productivity, but also in terms of lost revenue and customer good will.
Organisations run in real time and rely on digital data: anything from payroll and customer files to email and other important applications.

When disaster strikes, you don’t have the luxury of waiting hour after hour to recover your data. Your organisation cannot afford the cost of downtime, lost revenue, and other consequences. Since cloud server backup services immediately move data off-site by backing it up to disk over the cloud, you can restore that data rapidly. Instead of waiting hours, cloud-based recovery enables you to restore your data in minutes, which is suitable for smaller file sets..




Cloud backups are literally accessible anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection..


Data Assurance

Your data is backed up in the event of a local event such as a fire or theft.


Multiple copies

When you have your backup in the cloud, it appears like you just have one copy on their server..



Most of these services will encrypt the data before it is sent to their servers and most of these data centers have very strict security protocols..

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